Monday, April 6, 2009

SOMETHING different, pRiMiTiVe ANNIE notecards

I have been playing around this morning trying to come up with something different using the cute Raggedy Annie graphics from Whimsy Primsy. I came up with these cute notecards that I have left blank inside for your sentiments. After cutting them, fold in half and add your "special" words. These notecards are perfect to add to a gift, use as a package topper or even hang from a prim doll! Enjoy! YOU WILL have to copy and paste the link to 4shared so you can download the Annie notecards.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My First EASTER 1947! A walk down MEMORY lane.

I really love going through my scrapbooks from my childhood. My dad saved everything. He kept such a beautiful scrapbook, love letters and written details of his dating, engagement, beautiful wedding to my mommy. I will post some of the beautiful love letters he wrote during their courtship in the next few days. The memories of my childhood are wonderful. I remember shopping at Robert Halls for our cute Easter outfits and Kinney Shoes for the Easter shoes. Easter Sunday was the only day that the kids got to sit on the Altar during mass. Then after, Monsignor O'Sullivan would pass out Easter candy to the children of St. Mary's.

On many Easter Sundays we would take a family drive. All five children piled into the 1955 Ford Station Wagon along with the best parents and off to the back country or perhaps a visit to La Jolla Shores for an afternoon of fun. Or how about Neiderfranks Ice Cream on a Sunday morning after Sunday Mass. I loved the Butter Brickle my favorite! We would stroll down Eighth Street and windown shop. Since in those days none of the stores were open on Sundays. We would peek into Sprouse Rietz' windows while licking our ice cream cones...We would never quite make it to National Avenue I never knew why but later on I realized it must have been because of the neon lights, the bars like the Brown Bear or the Westerner Bar and the "cute" sailors walking up from 32nd Street Naval Base. Years later, I married one of those cute sailors! Eventually that ended oh well. Happy Easter to one and all...

A cute set of Easter TAGS for one and ALL!

Well since I am already logged in let me share something else... a cute set of Easter tags. My gift from me to you! As mentioned in other posts, click on the link to 4shared for these tags and not the photo in the post. You may have to copy and paste the link. ENJOY!!!


I am not even going to apologize for my lack of consistency to my blog!!! I have decided that when I have something to share I will post. Makes it easier on me than stressing about posting often! Of course, it is not like I have lots to do after all I am retired living in Mexico with my husband, five dogs and my new kitty!! Please enjoy the "Easter Matchbooks" remember these hold three miniature Hershey bars. Please use the link to 4shared rather than clicking on the photo. I have noticed that when you try to download from here the size of the tags, or other printable items has to be sure your matchbooks are the right size, click on the link below. If you have trouble, just copy and paste the link.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Well I cannot believe that my last post was on December 27th!! I guess you could say that I am not a "faithful" blogger. When I do blog, I always come with something to share. Today I have a cute Vintage VALENTINE matchbook which will hold three mini Hershey bars. I bet you will be able to find Valentine's Day wrapped bars soon. If you want to see how the candy bars line up, scroll through last months blogs and you will see a photo. Click on the link below for your free Valentine gift!! If you have trouble, copy and paste the address and you are good to go!!!!