Monday, October 27, 2008

Altered Mason Jar TAGS...

How much fun did I have creating these MASON JAR tags??? Well, let me tell you. I had lots of fun. The mason jars are very popular and you can have your very own set by clicking on the link below. I added sayings on the top set from a vintage magazine and the sentiments on the bottom set "captures" the moment.

Set of VINTAGE Santa hang tags...

I just finished these cute VINTAGE Santa hang tags along with other sets for my latest CD. I am sharing the Santa tags. I create the tags by adding backgrounds, graphics, embellishments or elements when needed and sayings that work well with what a person loves... I take special care on each set and each set comes from my love of working with my computer to create UNIQUE ITEMS for my customers. You will receive computer generated printables but they are handmade from the HEART! Click on the link below for your set! ENJOY!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A yearly CALENDAR and TO-DO-LIST for your hairdresser

I know I always love to give my hairdresser something for Christmas...well why not this cute yearly calendar and a to-do-list. They are yours for the taking. Laminate both the calendar and the to-do-list and add a dry erase marker and you are good to go! ENJOY! Click on the links.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Set of GINGER hang tags...

Here is a free set of cute ginger tags. Working on new things keeps my mind busy because I really miss my cat. Here is the link.

My cute little Kitty Cat has been missing....

Things have not been the same here in the Cienega since my cat did not return home two weeks ago. He came to live with us three years ago...just wandered onto our place and into our hearts that IS FOR SURE! No matter how much I tried to keep him on the porch or inside, he is an outdoor cat and he thought the grass was greener on the other side of the fence! We have a 1/2 acre you would think that would be enough for a cat...but no he liked to roam around and see what he was missing!!! He was so funny because in the evenings he would actually walk with us like a dog (we called him our dog cat). After eating and sleeping all day, he was full of energy and loved to play and joined us for our nightly walks. Totally cracked me up!! This is a long time for him to be gone and I miss him so much.
If you see my little kitty, please send him back to me!!! He brought joy and laughter to our family.


I have not posted for awhile but here I am once again with a gift for you. I created these gift card envelopes using vintage graphics. These are perfect for the popular gift cards. I bet you could use them for a tea bag or maybe a Ghiradelli chocolate bar. I hope that you enjoy this gift.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Name "Tag You're It"

I have been creating digital scrapbooking tags for the past three years and thought the name suited me. My tags have gone to England, Australia, Italy and Norway by way of this wonderful invention...the internet! I have made friends all over and now I want to share some of my tags and other printables with you. You will get a chance to see some of the many vintage and primitive hang tags that I do. I also have my entire 2008 prim and vintage collection on CD for only $9.99. I will post sample pictures of what is on this CD later this week.

Before and After photo

Anyone who knew me before August 2005 would swear that I would never ever live in the country. I would have agreed big time a city girl to the end. Well the end was 2005. Here is a photo of our land before it was cleared and after. I fell in love with this area not knowing how it would look cleared. Something drew me here. I call the Cienega Redonda my heaven on earth!

Raggedy Annie Tea Envelopes a freebie

I made these Raggedy Annie tea envelopes for my girlfriend who is a true Raggedy Annie lover. Her raggedy dolls are just so cute and primsy! She asked me to create something for her quilting class friends. Add some apple cinnamon tea packets for a fall feel and you have a nice little gift for your friends. Please feel free to download this freebie. The graphics are from Stonegate Graphics.